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Healthy Advantage

Penguin fruit juices and mixes don't just taste better. They're better for you too. Because thanks to our Bag-in-the-Box system, light and heat sensitive vitamins and minerals are completely protected. More


Taste for yourself. Penguin fruit juices and mixes stand up to fresh squeezed every time. Glass after glass, drink after drink, Penguin delivers the refreshing taste that your customers are looking for. More

Fresh Juices with the Touch of a Button

Penguin Juice's Bag-in-the-Box system is simply the fastest, most convenient method to store and serve your juices and mixes. And that is just the beginning. More

Bag in the Box

The Advantages of Bag-in-the-Box

- Increases juice system profits
- Eliminates mixing & measuring  
- Reduces storage & refrigeration  
- Eliminates spillage & waste  
- Reduces labor cost & serving time  
- Best of all, it tastes better!

On the Subject of Health

Kids LOVE the taste and variety of our vitamin fortified products with no added sugar. Penguin Juice is a top provider of Juices for Day Care Industry with the largest selection of juices (34 flavors). Adults LOVE our Clear (free of dye products). In addition to classics like Apple and Grape juice, Penguin Juice offers a lineup of fruit juice concentrates in fabulously fruity flavors that kids just can't get enough of. 

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In all we do...

Penguin Juice is committed to serving the needs of our foodservice customers by delivering these high-quality products to away-from home outlets:

 - Schools 
 - Corporate Cafeterias
 - Correctional Facilities
 - Lodging 
 - Colleges and Universities 
 - Healthcare and Healthclubs 
 - Hospitals 
 - Military Facilities 
 - Nursing Homes
 - Smoothie Centers
 - Restaurants and Bars
 - And much more...


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